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Marcu Adrian
UI & UX Designer & developer.
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Full-Stack creative developer based in Romania.

I enjoy solving problems with pixel-perfect solutions for businesses
around the world!


Years of experience.


Completed projects.


Uniting great design with the Cutting-Edge Innovation.

Specializing in blending the latest web development technologies with unparalleled UI/UX design principles, I am committed to crafting online experiences that not only meet the technical demands of today but also captivate and engage users at every click.

Experience & Technologies

An all-in-one expert.

UI/UX Designer

4 Years of experience

Creating and upkeeping intuitive user interfaces and enhancing user experiences through thoughtful design strategies.

Front-End Developer

4 Years of experience

Crafting and maintaining engaging front-end solutions with a focus on React.js and associated technologies.

Back-End Developer

2 Years of experience

Architecting and nurturing robust back-end systems leveraging the MERN stack, GraphQL, XML, and API technologies for efficient web application development

Webflow Developer

3 Years of experience

Crafting dynamic and visually compelling websites with Webflow, I specialize in leveraging its powerful platform to bring creative visions to life.

Shopify Developer

1 Year of experience

Designing and developing high-converting e-commerce stores using Shopify, I harness the full potential of this leading platform to create customized, scalable, and user-friendly online shops.


Selection of projects.

These projects represent the intersection of my skills and the real-world challenges they've addressed. While confidentiality may limit what I can present, the following ventures stand as a testament to my commitment to quality and proficiency. Feel free to delve into each of them.


Custom software development Start-Up.
Deliverables: Web design & Development, 3D Interactions
See project


An international platform for people to find jobs as professionals.
Deliverables: Prototype and wireframing. UI/UX Design
See project

Nike Concept.

E-commerce App concept inspired by Nike
Deliverables: UI Design
See project

Riagro Drones

DJI Agriculture official partner in Romania.
Deliverables: Web design & Development
See project


One of the largest moto-supply store in Romania
Deliverables: Prototype and wireframing. UI/UX Design
See project

Clado Bruxelles

A 20 Years old construction company based in Bruxelles, Belgium.
Deliverables: Web design & Development
See project
What others say

Voices of Success: Client Testimonials

Discover the stories of transformation and triumph directly from those who've experienced the impact of our collaboration.

Melania Becze
BBMoto Marketing Manager

Adrian's mastery in UI/UX design has completely transformed the user experience of our mobile app. A true professional who delivers outstanding results!

Gușeilă Raul
CEO  at Riagro Drones.

His skillful web development and design work not only captured our product's allure but amplified it. Adrian's expertise was extremly helpful!

Mădălina Șerban
DJI Agriculture Partner

Working with Adrian was a game-changer for our startup. He understood our vision perfectly and delivered a website that not only looks stunning but also performs flawlessly.

Marius Ciocian
CEO at

His creative solutions and attention to detail have greatly improved the usability of our product, making it more accessible and enjoyable for our users.


When you should consider reaching out to me?

My services are tailored for those who are ready to elevate their digital presence, requiring not just any solution, but one that stands out for its creativity, efficiency, and innovation.

UI/UX Design & Advisment


From comprehensive user research to the final touches that make an application truly stand out, I ensure that every interaction is designed with the user's needs and preferences in mind.

Web Design & Development


I specialize in creating websites that are not only visually appealing but also optimized for performance, accessibility, and user engagement, ensuring that your online presence is both powerful and effective.

E-commerce development


From customized storefronts to comprehensive backend management, I ensure that your online store is equipped to handle the demands of the modern consumer, driving sales and fostering growth

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